I'll Have a Baby - Birth Excitement16 Ara 2020 14:20


One of the most precious emotions in human life, maybe the most valuable one, was experiencing the feeling of being a mother and father for the first time. When we found out that my wife was pregnant, we were filled with joy and we officially started the pregnancy process that we know nothing about. What is fatherhood and motherhood? What should we do in this process, what is going to be our responsibilities and how is going to chance our life? We tried to find answers to hundereds of questions that follow each other. We were always aware that we could only learn the feeling of motherhood and fatherhood, which is so foreign to us, on the day we take our baby in our arms.


First of all, I can say that we have learned that even just entering the process of becoming a mother and father is quite difficult and troublesome. We searched for answers by generating questions for ourselves on many subjects ranging from newborn baby needs list research to examining which brands are most suitable for our baby. As we started to produce answers to these questions, we started to gain self-confidence and focused on having the pregnancy process in the most accurate and healthy way.


One of the most curious issues during pregnancy is whether the baby will be a girl or a boy, without a doubt! Before entering the pregnancy process, "Whether a boy or a girl?" I suppose I would say "Let it be a boy" to the question. But since the day we started the process, the only thing I could think of on this subject was the thought of "It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, as long as he/she's healthy." When we went to the control examination in the middle of the 5th month, we learned that we will have a boy and we could not control our tears. I am sure that if we had a girl, we would shed the same tears of joy. Towards the last stages of the pregnancy process, we have prepared our newborn baby needs list, baby room, mother and baby hospital exit sets. Fortunately, we started to make these preparations beforehand. We went to the hospital 1 week later, after my wife left for maternity leave, when our boy was just 8 months old.


When we reached the hospital with great excitement and anxiety, our doctor immediately examined us and said that it was the best decision for our son to stay in the mother's womb as long as he could. After the examination, we made our hospitalization. On the one hand, we started to feel the indescribable happiness of being one step closer to experiencing the feeling of being a mother and father, while being anxious because of the earlier start of the birth process.


After waiting one day in the hospital, we learned that the birth will take place by cesarean section and the next day we took our son in our arms in a healthy way. We went into the surgery with my wife and completed this unique process together. While I was holding my wife's hands in the operating room, I couldn't hold back my tears when I heard our son's first cry. I have experienced and felt the feeling of being a mother and father at the beginning of the most important moments in human life. There is no way to describe these feelings in words, I'm sure of that. Therefore, I wish everyone who wants to be a mother and father to experience this feeling.


In our next article, I will share the happiness, excitement, anxiety and much more we experienced when our son Derin came to our hospital room after birth. See you in the other article ...



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