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As Derin's mother, I would like to share this part of our story with you after Derin's arrival. Although our son was born 8 months old, we did not have any health problems and they brought our baby to our hospital room a few hours after birth. In this process, they gave me and my wife detailed training for 2 days on many subjects ranging from how babies should be handled to how to breastfeed. All this was very good, but we encountered such a problem. Our baby was about 2 kilos and needed breast milk to be fed. Although I had milk, Derin was not strong enough to suck milk because he was smaller than normal.


For this reason, we tried to give the breast milk to Derin in the hospital environment with various tools such as syringes, spoons, bottles and glasses. The nurses who supported us could do this job really well, but I and my husband were very inexperienced in this regard. This is why we were unable to feed our son properly and adequately on our own. The syringe started to irritate our baby's palate because it was too hard on the palate, while we wanted to give milk from the glass, most of the breast milk spilled on the floor and he was too small for the spoon and bottle. When we had such an experience in the hospital, we were surrounded by a great rush and brooded, "How are we going to feed our son?" With the continuous support of the baby care nurses, we were discharged from the hospital without any problems and reached our home. However, we always had the same question in mind. How will we feed Derin?


The first thing we tried to do when we returned home was to try to feed Derin with a syringe and a goblet, but we could not make it and we started to think of alternatives to properly feed our son who was hungry during the night. The first alternative was feeding bottle that came to mind. The use of a feeding bottle is not recommended for premature babies, because babies who get used to feeding bottle avoid sucking from the breast.


Since we had to, we decided to buy a feeding bottle by taking the risk. We purchased the anti colic feeding bottle produced by a very famous brand for premature babies and started to use it. He started drinking breast milk from the feeding bottle, but as the feeding bottle drains too much, he constantly threw up most of the breast milk and we were in danger of choking several times. Then we started to search for a different product that could solve our problem.


This is how we met Mamajoo bottles. There are many feeding bottle brands and models on the market; however we realized that Mamajoo is the only feeding bottle brand that has all the features we need! Since our baby was born prematurely, he was not strong enough to suck milk from the breast. Nevertheless, we were aware that this situation was a temporary process, because we knew that after Derin started gaining weight, he could be fed by breastfeeding. Naturally, no mother and father want their babies to be fed only with a feeding bottle. As a mother, I was looking forward to the days when I would start breastfeeding Derin.



Mamajoo feeding bottles support active feeding by baby bottle and breastfeeding at the same time with the feeding bottle teat produced in the form closest to the mother's breast and its system that never drips. This has been a truly miraculous feature for us. The anti-colic air valves at the skirts of Mamajoo bottle teats prevent babies from experiencing gas pain by swallowing air while feeding. Mamajoo feeding bottles, which are produced using the highest quality raw materials in accordance with the European Union Standards, prioritize baby health with their feature of being a PES feeding bottle.



Thanks to its wide base, I did not have any problems such as tipping. In addition, Mamajoo feeding bottles help babies develop their cognitive ability with its ergonomic curves. After learning about all these features, we were very sad that “Why haven't we met Mamajoo before”. In the light of this information, we purchased Mamajoo Gold Feeding Bottle and started using it immediately. As Mamajoo feeding bottle teats support active feeding by providing flow as the baby suckles, he was able to drink all of the deep breast milk very easily. My breast milk was not wasted and my son was finally able to feed healthy and adequate.


Thanks to the miraculous feature of Mamajoo feeding bottles that support active feeding, babies can continue to be fed both by breastfeeding and feeding bottle feeding. We managed to feed Derin in a healthy and regular way by using Mamajoo feeding bottles during the most challenging period. Moreover, I started breastfeeding our son exactly one month later when he reached 3.5 kg and this made me incredibly happy. Now we can feed Derin both by breastfeeding and with Mamajoo feeding bottles. This happiness we live is far beyond our other joys! Thank you Mamajoo for ensuring that we can feed our son in a healthy and peaceful way!


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