Mastitis at Breastfeeding Mothers10 Ara 2020 12:40

Mastitis is the name given to the infection in the breast as a result of the blockage of the milk ducts of nursing mothers.


In general, mastitis occurs due to the inability of breasts full of breast milk to be emptied completely, or caused by bacteria entering the body through cracks in the nipple during breastfeeding can be prevented by a few simple measures.


Mamajoo breastfeeding products help to protect mothers from mastitis.


Don'ts to Avoid Mastitis!


Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day


Breastfeeding the baby from 1 to 2 breasts every 2-3 hours, including at night


Expressing milk while not breastfeeding


Massaging from the nipple to the chest wall before and after breastfeeding


Getting more rest than usual



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