Mamajoo Gold Feeding Bottle 250 ml

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  • Mamajoo Gold Feeding Bottle 250 ml

    All mamajoo products are manufactured with babies’ health on the foreground at our ISO 9001;2015 certified high technology manufacturing facility by using highest quality BPA Free & Phthalate Free raw materials and conform to EU & USA standards.
    Features and Advantages:
    mamajoo Gold Feeding Bottles are produced using PES which can withstand even autoclave sterilization and is approved for use in feeding bottle production in Turkey, EU and the US.

    The anti-colic air valves at the skirts of mamajoo Silicone Bottle Teats help prevent babies from swallowing air during bottle feeding. Its wide base provides better balance while the grab curves on the body of mamajoo Gold Feeding Bottles help tiny hands hold the bottle easily. The leak-proof bottle dome cap is especially designed to seal mamajoo Bottle Teats so there are zero leaks when using the bottle feeder or while travelling. The scale marks on the bottle feeder help track how much the baby is fed.

    The mamajoo Bottle Teats, which are designed to be in a similar form to mothers’ breasts, are flexible thanks to the helixes.

    mamajoo Gold Feeding Bottles are designed with a wide neck to make it easier to fill and to clean.

    mamajoo Bottle Teats are produced from transparent, odourless and tasteless high quality silicone which makes it easier to mix breastfeeding with bottlefeeding. Ideally soft for each relevant month groups, Mamajoo Bottle Teats are smooth and easy to clean.

    There are four mamajoo Bottle Teats available for use with Gold bottles, each with different liquid flow levels suitable for babies’ needs and development.

    Cleaning & Sterilization:
    Can be washed in dishwasher or by hand. After washing, the product can be sterilized using mamajoo Sterilizers or by boiling for 5 minutes. Do not use abrasive or anti-bacterial detergents. Please change the bottle teats regularly and change the bottle periodically.
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