Mamajoo Electronic USB Double Breast Pump & Breastfeeding Set

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  • Mamajoo Electronic USB Double Breast Pump & Breastfeeding Set

    mamajoo Thermal Bag will help you to keep the breastmilk and baby food warm/cold for a few hours. Keeping time may vary according to room or outside temperature so you can prolong cool
    keeping time with the help of frozen cool packs.
    mamajoo Thermal Bag enables you to store and carry breastfeeding and nursery products like breast pump, breastmilk container and bottles clean and safe. You can also store small
    items like baby diaper, wet wipes, bibs in the front pocket and mesh section inside.

    mamajoo Thermal Bag, made of water proof, wipe clean fabric is also convenient for travel with an adjustable shoulder strap.

    mamajoo Electronic USB Double Breast Pump
    Product Advantages;
    • Possibility of using with portable powerbank, car charger & PC.
    • Complete control with intelligent microprocessor controller technology.
    • Operations can be watched easily from the LED display.
    • It is just as robust as a hospital pump but at the same time, easily more portable and can be powerbank operated when needed. The soft silicone comfort cushion make the pump’s action feel so gentle, natural and comfortable almost like a baby suckling.
    • Operates as both single and double pump.
    • Press the On/Off button, it will start in single pump massage or suction mode at the level you used last.
    • Press the On/Off button for a second time, it will start in double pump massage or suction mode at the level you used last.
    • Massage/Suction modes can be altered by pressing +/- buttons.
    • In single pump use, there are 4 different levels of massage & 6 different levels of suction modes; in double pump use, there are other 4 different levels of massage & 6 different levels of suction modes, totaling up to 20 level choices.
    • It turns off automatically after operating 30 minutes.
    • Mamajoo Electronic USB Double Breast Pump , saves in memory the last steps you used with its intelligent microprocessor technology. At your next use, the breast pump will start on single suction mode and on the last level you used.
    • Whether you are at home, office or travelling, it allows you to express your milk directly to breast milk container which is included in the pack that converts into a baby feeding bottle easily so that you can feed your baby directly without the need of transferring your milk into another bottle.

    mamajoo Silicone Nipple Protector Set
    Mamajoo nipple protectors are produced from highest quality BPA-Free silicone to protect sore or cracked nipples during breastfeeding and to help mothers to continue breastfeeding during this sensitive period. Thus, babies do not stop breastfeeding and mothers go on breastfeeding as before when the nipples are healed.
    Mamajoo nipple protectors are especially designed with a shape so that babies can get more contact with the mothers’ breast to feel and smell her skin.
    There are also rough dots especially designed around the mouth area to make the baby feel at breast even more.
    Mamajoo nipple protectors set made of thin, soft, translucent, tasteless and odourless silicone come in a pack of 2 pieces.

    mamajoo Ultra Absorbent Breast Pads
    Mamajoo disposable Ultra Absorbent Breast Pads, help to prevent clothes getting wet and staining from breastmilk leakage while allowing mother’s sensitive nipples to remain hygienic. Mamajoo Ultra-Absorbent Gel Breast Pads, being superior to many breast pads with their width of 13 cm and 100 ml high absorbency capacity to provide the maximum dryness, are the most ideal pad to use in day and night. With their one-way moisture absorption technology for complete dryness, they have unique 4-layer structure with leak-proof backing sheet.
    • ULTRA absorbent, soft, breathable top layer - keeps breast dry at all times
    • ULTRA absorbent cushioned layer - provides extra absorption, dryness and comfort
    • ULTRA absorbent layer with gel – prevents leakage and staining
    • ULTRA breathable outer layer – helps to heal sore or cracked nipples

    Product Advantages:
    • Provides the longest dryness with high absorbency capacity
    • Ultra-thin, soft, and breathable structure
    • Provides air to circulate around sensitive nipples and helps sore or cracked nipples to heal.
    • It is ultimately comfortable with anti-slip adhesive tape.
    • Come in single bags for full hygiene and allows you to carry with when needed.
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